ziet er een plezant plankje uit 'The Merlot' maar dat zijn alle board die een prosurfer dragen...

The Merlot



"The Merlot is a tripped out Craig Anderson signature small wave model. It’s main feature is the concave / side cut outline concept that runs from the wide point down to a pronounced hip behind the front fins.
The concave outlines are engaged when the board is put onto rail, and causes the water flow to follow this concave outline which gives makes the board turn on a tighter radius without effort. This allows the board to draw tight curvy arcs in fun everyday conditions.
The center line rocker is flat which gives great planing speed when not on rail racing down the line or through fat sections.
The Merlot is a board that is really forgiving in the front end of the board but has a very sensitive and reactive feel off the tail end for maximum performance. It has a unique feel at first but once you have it dialed in there is a lot of fun to be experienced."

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